Our Certificates


ISO 9001 | ISO 13485

ISO 9001:2015 is the standard used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement. ISO 13485:2016 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.


WRAP Certificate 128331

Having a WRAP certification shows potential buyers that you are dedicated to ethical and responsible business standards. It demonstrates that you obey the laws of your country, treat your workers with dignity and respect, and are conscious of the impact your operation has on the environment. The WRAP certificate is a recognized symbol of a commitment to uphold social and ethical standards.


Workplace Conditions Assessment

By meeting the standards of Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA), Medtecs demonstrates the commitment to safe, legal, ethical and secure manufacturing process.


Work Safety Standardization

The Work Safety Standardization Certificate is a testament to Medtecs Group's exceptional safety management practices throughout the production process. As a Level 3 certified company, we are committed to continuously monitoring work safety issues to ensure the utmost safety and protection for our employees and customers. This certification highlights our dedication to maintaining a high standard of quality, safety, and legal compliance.


FDA Registration

Owners or operators of places of business (also called establishments or facilities) that are involved in the production and distribution of medical devices intended for use in the United States are generally required to register annually with the FDA. To look up our registration, please go to the FDA registration site and look up Medtecs.

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