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Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential gear that shields workers from severe injuries or illnesses caused by exposure to radiological, physical, electrical, or mechanical hazards in the workplace. This equipment ranges from gloves, safety glasses, and shoes to earplugs, respirators, hard hats, coveralls, vests, and comprehensive body suits. Medtecs stands as the premier manufacturer behind many of the market's leading medical PPE brands.

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Medical Garments

A medical garment is any garment that gives insight or aid to the general health, healing process or vitals of the wearer. Our product lines include medical scrub suits, nursing uniforms, lab coats, and patient gowns. Our facilities aims to provide the best garment solutions to all of our customers.

Professional Field


Many people working in technical labor industry choose to wear workwear as it provides safety and durability. Medtecs have been manufacturing ANSI level vests, pants, shorts coveralls, overalls and jackets. If you are seeking qualified workwear, make sure you contact us and let us know your qualification standards and ideals.

Fashion & Sports


Medtecs has a dedicated team of fabric specialists that work closely with customers and merchants to source the highest quality fabric in the fastest time. We have established relationships with some of the most reliable suppliers in the area, which allows us to source high-quality raw materials to meet buyer specifications.

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